"Outthinker is a strategic innovation firm. We believe the most valuable strategies involve introducing seemingly simple, but disruptive, new approaches in unexpected areas of your business. We help businesses and profit-centers add to their strategic plans “4th Options®” - strategic innovations that your competitors don’t see, don’t expect and won’t respond effectively to. Ideal 4th Options® delight your customer, disrupt your competition, while not being disruptive to your organization.


Our goal is to help our clients win by outthinking the competition. We uncover innovative strategic options that maximize long-term shareholder value, from market entry to M&A. Through rigorous competitive analytics, tailored advisory work, and intelligent financing strategies, we help companies and investors make strategic choices that will accelerate growth and put their resources to better use.


Armed with unique, efficient, and disruptive strategic methodology and rigorous analytics our consultants of former consulting from top strategic firms, heads of strategy, and chief innovation officers, are able to guide your leadership team rapidly to strategic clarity on a set of choices that protect your core business while opening up new revenue and market share. We offer financing strategies in select situations as well.